Monday, October 17, 2011



Summer went by too fast!! But it was a good one, hope everyone is doing good everywhere!

The long awaited BAD INDIANS 45s are almost here! Will be posting them up in here really soon.

Here's a photo of BAD INDIANS:

ALSO COMING SOON: On September 30, Amber and the Ypsi Film Guild had a photo opening at Cafe Ollie. Fred and I performed with our new duo in which we both play drums and electronics. It went really well and we then recorded a new tape which will be a joint release on Ginkgo and Fred's label Life Like.

When we went on SWIMSUIT tour in May we made a cassette box set called the BOX OF SAND, pictured above. It had a tape of our new album, and then we all made new solo records for it, so the other two tapes were splits between members of the band. It turned out really great! I made a record called Let the River Answer which I put up recently over here.

It was a split with Avery Feral, hopefully her side will be up somewhere soon.

Fred's side as CITY CENTER is up over here and Dina's side as SKINNY WRISTS is over here

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