Monday, July 18, 2011

summer heat

Summer is just rolling right along here!

Swimsuit LPs have finally arrived!! You can order it over at Speakertree Records, or listen to it over at our site. We also stocked it at Encore and the Ypsi Music Shelf at Cafe Ollie in Ypsi.

Bad Indians 45 should be out within a month! More tapes coming soon!

Recently, we can't stop listening to:

The Dovers - I Could Be Happy Fred told me about this amazing group, they were around in 1965 and 1966 in Santa Barbara. They recorded 4 singles and they're all great! It gets better and better with every listen. Byrds-esque but I love it more than I've ever liked the Byrds. At first my favorite of their songs was "What Am I Going To Do" (which is on Nuggets and was sampled by Atlas Sound) but now this one is my jam. Recently reissued on a one sider 12", I can't stop listening to it!

Gardens "Coming Around the Bend" Their long awaited LP is great! But the last couple days I can't stop listening to this song which is a "digital single" on the Beehive Recording Co site. It's embarassing to admit this but I literally listened to this song 5 times in a row while shipping stuff out at work today.

Toshi Ichyanagi - Extended Voices Got this killer LP recently of early electronic/avant garde stuff, it's also called Extended Voices. Here's the title track!

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps Got a reissue 45 of this on tour and ever since listening to it constantly! Our friends over at M'Lady's Records just hosted a show for them, wish we could've seen that!

Liquid Liquid - Optimo - Never get tired of this!!

City Center - Modern Love - current favorite from their masterpiece Redeemer on K. Fred just posted a new song today, too - it's really good! It's called Powdered Animal Wig.

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