Friday, March 11, 2011


Someone made a video playing their copy of the Man the Hunter 7"!!

Check it out:

Thanks to whoever made this video!

You can still order the 7" here!

Man the Hunter is playing a show on Friday March 25 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor as an afterparty for the Ann Arbor Film Festival. It's a late show at 10:30 pm. Roommate and Quaver are also playing.

- - - -

Thanks to everyone who came out to our showcase at the Blowout! It was great. Thanks to everyone who played, Tim and Dustin for DJing, and the Atlas Bar for hosting. Amber took some photos, I'll put some up here soon.

Here's a show coming up in Ann Arbor on April 2:

As always, I continue to update event listings for the month over at the Michigan Happenings blog. There's a lot of stuff happening all of the time!

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