Thursday, February 14, 2013

SHELLS 12/12/12 cassette

SHELLS 12/12/12  -   C-40  - GINKGO 12


Meditation via guitar / guitar via meditation. Shells has been playing shows since Noise Camp 2011. It is similar to Old Night (Ginkgo #4) but slightly different. This is the second cassette release under the Shells name (the first for some unknown reason has never been listed online but it's Ginkgo #9, and is available upon request).

This tape was recorded by Shells in Ypsilanti and later mixed by Warn Defever in Detroit. It turned out nice! 

Shells is working on an upcoming release for Lifelike which we are really excited about. Stay tuned for more details!

The 12/12/12 tape is available for order below, as well as at Encore Records and at shows. Contact shelleyginkgo at gmail with any questions.


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