Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out on the weekend

Last weekend was pretty fun!

It started off with the Blues Control and Shells show we did at the Work Gallery here in Ann Arbor, which was co-presented by WCBN and EQMC. Blues Control were really great, and the Shells set went pretty well too. Charles Slick did a light installation with Shells for the second time. Blues Control had projections that were really nice too. Work Gallery was a perfect space for this show!

When we were setting up for the show, we had to move some of the art on display out of the way, including this pile of dust on a pedestal. It miraculously survived the show.

Here's a video of Blues Control performing at Work:

Then the next day, Friday, was the opening of a really amazing exhibit at MOCAD called Vision in a Cornfield. It's a large scale collaboration between three different Detroit collectives: art-rockers Destroy All Monsters, Afro-futurists Ogun, and modern robot builders Apetechnology. This was by far my favorite exhibit I've seen at MOCAD so far. It really nailed all of your senses - it smelled like a cornfield! I saw real bugs on the corn too. I don't want to give too much away, but I really recommend going to see it if you can. (if you really want to read more about it, you can do so here.)

After MOCAD headed over to Jumbo's to see Blues Control, along with Protomartyr and the Intended. This show was pretty much the opposite of the Blues Control show in Ann Arbor, in a good way. BC played an equally great but really different and more freaked out set.

I had a great time hanging with Blues Control, we all stayed at Larry's house and ended their visit to Michigan with a trip to Goodwell's, one of my favorite spots. A vegan pocket sandwich with avocado + a green smoothie = recipe for feeling amazing.

After BC left for Chicago, I headed over to Dally in the Alley to hang out and try to register some voters. The Ginkgo Voter Registration Drive has been going on for a few months now, and will continue until the deadline to register (which is October 6th). If you would like to register, ask me or come into Encore Records where we also have a voter registration clipboard set up.
Registering at Dally was pretty tough going, but it was a fun time hanging out there.

After Dally headed over to the Destroy Compound for Noise Camp 18. Noise Camp is a tradition brought to us by Time Stereo. It's been happening since 1994! I've only been to the last 4 or 5, but it's always a fun time. I played at it last year as Shells (which was basically the first Shells show) and this year Warn asked me to play with him in his new band XOXOWAR.  We played first.

XOXOWAR at Noise Camp 18
Wiccans played a fireside set near the end of the night and were joined by a random dude with a battery powered amp and electric guitar who tried to jam along. Only at Noise Camp.

Noise Camp concluded with the traditional Princess Dragonmom set/cardboard bush destruction, and afterwards I headed back to Ann Arbor.

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