Saturday, January 7, 2012

SXSW / some press

BAD INDIANS are going down to SXSW to play some gigs! We're trying to get them on more shows! If you can help out or get us some shows on the way down or back up please get in touch! baadindians at gmail or sabsalant at gmail. Thanks!

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Cool to see some Ginkgo and related releases on some best of 2011 lists...

Bad Indians "The Path Home" from their single on Ginkgo (GINKGO 8, more info below) on Metro Times favorite local songs of 2011

Bad Indians and Man the Hunter on Current's "Classics of 2011" list

Swimsuit LP on an All Music best of 2011 list...and their post about our record when it came out

Swimsuit, Man the Hunter, and our Old Night cassette on Calvin Johnson's best of 2011 list on Tobi Vail's Jigsaw blog

Not a best of , but here's a review of the Bad Indians single at Foxy Digitalis

Swimsuit has been entered in some sort of battle of the bands contest? just did little article too...

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