Thursday, April 28, 2011

April & beyond

April has been ruling here in Michigan!

Some highlights (chronological):

- Lightning Bolt / Wolf Eyes insane show at the Neutral Zone
- Up north tour with Stef Chura Rock N Roll Band! The UP rules!
- Winter Ruby on the Local Music Show
- Visit from Bill & Jessica from Key Club
- Insane collection of library records with amazing covers at Encore
- Tony Allen at Hill Auditorium / after party at the Elks Lodge
- Iggy & the Stooges show at the Michigan Theater / rehearsals at the Neutral Zone!
- Man the Hunter party at the Elks Lodge!
- Swimsuit album completion!!

Next up Totally Awesome Fest 7 & then Swimsuit tour!

(Stef Chura Band in the UP photo taken from if you feel a charge. Up & Stooges flyer made by David Swain)


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