Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swimsuit 45

I'm excited to announce that the first 7" by Swimsuit is now available! Dolphins backed with a cover of Albert Ayler's Heart Love. This release is not on Ginkgo, it's on Life Like, but I play drums in the band and it's very dear to my heart, so I am posting it here as well. I'm really happy with how the record turned out!

Here's the description from the Life Like:

Is it raining outside? Is it dark on the beach at night? Does love exist? Is there a way into the future that we can all agree on? Yes, yes, yes and yes, and if you don't believe it, put your faith in the fact that the 1st ever 7" record by Swimsuit is here and it's here now!!! Many months in the making, this release follows two well-loved demoish tapes, a few compilation appearances and so many shows of true ragged joy. Recorded by the band with a little more production (but not too much) than the tapes, we have here two songs. The original wave-rider "Dolphins" feels like being threatened by a shark and then saved at the last minute by a pad of giggling sea creatures. Then on the b-side we have the band's cover of 60's free-jazz hero Albert Ayler's "Heart Love", a peace-love-poetry-and-wait-a-second-I'm-crazy-as-hell kinda go-go jam. Of all the projects working with the Life Like, Swimsuit probably plays the most shows, so this record may be gone before too long. Get one here, or at a show, or at your better record stores in the greater Detroit/NYC area and feel good all over.

You can order it here!

And yes the Man The Hunter 45 is coming soon!! Get ready! The other tapes posted below are still available.

Also, for people in southeast Michigan, I just updated the Michigan Happenings blog with lots of cool events coming up in December!

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